The Hidden Artist

There is a lot of fear involved with being an artist, with even more fear attempting to make a living as an artist. Whether its visual arts, acting, music, comedy, the hidden artist fights to get out.

Why? Because art is in our nature. To create art is to be fully human. It is the core of evolution. The trait that really set hominids apart from other animals was the ability to create. Art made for the right reasons, as a choice of expression, as a portal to bliss, as a “This is what I was meant to do” creative urge that will not go away, will connect with a source of providence. The arts are beauty. Nature makes art everyday. So should we.

But back to the fear. As we get older, our needs change. Where as a child we could find bliss in a drawing, painting, playing an instrument or putting on a show for our family, when we grow up we get concerned about what others think of us. Whether others like or dislike what we do. Also, we feel a need to make money. Lots of it so we can meet our friends at the mall and drive a cool car. All of these paths fight against someone going after a creative direction that brings them joy. Then there are the “artists” who want to become a “rock Star” or famous movie star, artist, animator, painter etc. for the status, the glamour, the money. In my experience, someone going after a life in the arts for money and fame will often find a lack of connection to artistic inspiration. But they will also discover that a life in the arts requires lots of hard work, practice, learning, sacrifice and persistence of vision. Stamina and persistence are necessary ingredients. There are many ways to make a living off of the arts, but unfortunately the “Movie star” “Rock Star” “Creator of Spongbob”, do happen but are the exceptions rather than the rule. Many artists make a living with their art by sacrificing the big houses, many cars, shopping on Rodeo drive ( all of which are not good for the environment anyway) in exchange for a life they enjoy and that contributes beauty and spirit to the world.

I enjoy discovering and supporting music I never heard before that is amazing, or art that is by an unknown artist that really moves me. It’s all around us. And thank God it is.

It is wonderful contribution.

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  1. So glad I found your blog again. I really needed to read this. I’m going through new changed in my life and have a lot of fear. I’ve never been at a lack of inspiration or creativity but fear having the means to pay my basic bills to keep creating at times. Fear of the unknown, fear of the future and pandemic etc. but I just try and channel it all and not stop hoping SOMETHING Will come through and I won’t have to worry. But I guess artists also are in a constant battle with worry which also can feed the creativity. Outrunning that sense of dread can sometimes be motivation in the times it isn’t crippling.

    Anyways, thank you for helping us unknown artists find our inner voices and draw out that creativity!

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