The Importance of Pulling Out your Best

Yesterday I had a great talk with my producer at Luna about the difficulties of keeping up quality in a high volume low budget world of pre-school television . I had a moment of doubt about whether it was beneficial for this audience. None of my shows have done ‘gangbusters ” ratings. But what Charley said really made me think.

She said they just had a crew meeting about what they learned on Luna, and most all of them said it was the best experience they have ever had working on a show. They loved me pushing them to a higher level,, pointing out details that could make or break a story or a gag, or a character moment. And oddly enough, thats the same things I heard from the Rocko and Lazlo crew. Many on the Rocko crew still, after 25 years say it was the best job they ever had.

Which led me to think. The process for all of these artists and writers is so important. Of course it is with me, to the point where I barely know when a show is on the air, much less the ratings. Thats not the final goal.. It’s the experience of making it. And yes, I know there are those who enjoy watching the outcome,, and when a crew has so much fun making a show, it can’t help but show up on the screen.

But it made me think that maybe it was all worth while. We all learned so much. And, after all, we are all students here in this life.

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  1. Hi Mr. Murray, How are you?
    I have read your post right now and now processed that you are right, most of the goals you’ve started which becomes a success can be a great time for reflection though it may be the beginning of the end.

    I am then interested in some of your artwork and design and then inspire me to follow on art and the topics of meaning to it. By the way, here are some questions I came to ask based on “Luna” and for your interest in television, though if you are into that.

    Question 1#
    What’s next for you after “Luna”, are you most interested in doing animated shorts, or move on from animating and spend time with your family and or do art in Belgium? (P.S. It would be nice to put in a special for “Luna”, meaning the special will focus with Luna and a different protagonist on the storyline. Or rather focus on a Quarantine special, if you like.)

    Question 2#
    I have been going through one your posts and have seen that they most likely focus on animating and the talks about creative television through art and skill. And that came to realize of how you are interested in animated television and that came to question, Are you interested in sitcoms when you are young, or are you still interested in Live Action Sitcoms.

    These are some of the questions.
    Thanks for your time and hope to see of what you’ve accomplish real soon.

  2. Thanks Julieana, do you think Joe will actually make these specials? Because their is a possibility Joe will likely make one of the projects describing what he thinks it’s right.

  3. Static Cling was by far my best work experience, and will be hard to beat. Luna is a close second (the schedule constraints made it more stressful, but I’m so proud of what we accomplished).

    Almost every other show I’ve been on felt like I was making “a product”. I find ways to make the process enjoyable, but no other show creator I’ve worked with has been as interested in developing the artistic talent of the crew. Not just training us to replicate your work, but to produce the best version of what we as individuals had to contribute. I really appreciate that about your leadership, and I hope someday I can do the same for others.

    Thank you Joe!

    1. Tom,

      It’s been a total pleasure to work with you and watch you grow from when you interned with me. You are a great talent and a wonderful guy. And a gift for us that you have been such an important part of Rocko, Luna and all of the other great projects you have worked on. Looking forward to seeing what other treats you have in store for us.

      Thank YOU Tom

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