The Only Common Path in Art is that it Takes work.

You’ve heard before that nothing worth anything ever comes easy. The photo above of the pile of rejections verses acceptance are from the very “successful” New Yorker cartoonist Drew Dernavich. Drew is a consistent contributor and his ratio still looks like that. And when he was trying to break in, I’m sure it was a monster pile on the rejected side.

There is the factor to pay attention to when pursuing a path. Are you enjoying it as you are doing it? Would it be something you would do regardless of the outcome. That’s hard for a lot of artists to grasp. Many people think that if you are talented and meant to become an artist, it all comes easy. Never.

I even sometimes fall into the delusion. I’m a big fan of Mo Willems ( Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus) . I love his books and have many friends who know Mo personally. One friend I was talking to about Mo was Tom Warburton ( Kids Next Store). Being one that sweats and strains over my own illustrations for my children’s books, I made a comment on how it seems that Mo just whips his drawings out. But Tom appropriately set me straight. ” It takes many many drawings to come to the one he finally uses. He just makes it look easy.” Silly me to think that it was anything but.

You will know whats right for you if you can put aside the ego and see the true you. It will take work. But the path will take you to places you never imagined.

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  1. really interesting, ive seen things like that a bunch of times not just cartoons but all these things rejection is part of life and tells us to never give up and practice. enough said
    hope to hear from u

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