The Pooping Log

Our ongoing enlightenment series of Christmas around the world.

When doing our research for different ways of celebrating Christmas in different countries for our Luna Christmas Special, we came across the Tio De Nadal, sometimes known as the “Pooping Log”. It’s a Catalan tradition in Spain where you feed Tio, put a blanket over him, then whack him with a stick several times. And then, magically, gifts come out his back end. I loved the tradition, but it was a bit of a hard sell to PBS. But Fabuloso ends up having his beloved Tio De Nadel come through on Christmas morning and all is well.

The mug above was a Christmas gift from Tom Smith, then artist on the Joe Murray Studio crew.

Roz Chast just posted this on her Instagram. Love it!

Yesterday was the last day for a few of our longstanding crew members Megan Hart and Luccy Baille. We will miss them terribly.

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  1. Joe Murray, today in English class, we played Kahoot and my class learned about the pooping log and one of my classmates (Amire) was so surprised about it. I wasn’t shocked because I already knew it 2 years ago, when the Let’s Go Luna Christmas special came out.

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