The Positives from this Crisis

We are all going through challenges with this virus outbreak, and to do the things we need to to curb the spread. And my thoughts go out to those infected and have lost loved ones to the virus. But today I was thinking about the positives that have come out of it.

  1. Today I saw a lot of families out walking together. I started thinking that with all of the families asked to stay home together, its a great time to get to know one another again. My in-laws have moved in with us during the crisis and it’s great having them with us, and the kids love it.
  2. Think about the good that this is doing for our planet. The air is clearing up from getting cars off the road. Consumer spending is down, decreasing the waste that goes out into our landfills.
  3. I would imagine most of us are eating better, since we are not going out to fast food restaurants ( or other restaurants that don’t have healthy food). We are not overdoing our starbucks visits of sugar drinks, or sitting in movie theatres eating that big pack of M &Ms.( I love it all too, but it’s good to take a break)
  4. We are learning to get by with less. Minimizing. Simplifying.

This is the strangest time in my 58 years of the planet trying to pull together to get through this. But I know we will. And it’s nice that the earth is able to take a deep breath right now.

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