Virtual Lunch

Just documenting Joe Murray Studio in the time of lockdown. Every week my crew and I meet for a virtual lunch. You can see that we are all getting a little stir crazy. Top left to right: Peter Hannan, Myself, Davey Jarrell, Potato girl is Megan Hart. Keith Silva is the guy on a diet, Erik Messel, Luccy Baille, Kathy Jo Larson in San Francisco and Michelle Rincon who was having some internet issues that day phoned in.

Yesterday we did a remote recording session for a singer and we were all skyped in. The singer’s voice cut out a bit so the engineer asked, “do you have all of your devices off in the house so we can use your total bandwith?” She said “yes I believe so,,, wait a minute let me check”. She went through her house and found her daughter watching cartoons of all things. I’m sure she said ” Watching cartoons are not important, Making cartoons is important! Get off your device!!!

Maybe, I don’t know. But the poor child had to stop watching cartoons. Don’t know if thats a bad thing.

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