Wait. Parents Trust Me?

Just found out today that my PBS show “Let’s Go Luna” won a Gold label from the Parent’s Choice Awards. This is particularly gratifying because there were skeptics that the creator of such shows as “Rocko’s Modern Life” could win the trust of parents with a show with such a trusted brand as PBS.  Feel really good about that. We do work very hard with early childhood advisors and curriculum advisors to find a way to bring this geographic and social studies curriculum to a younger audience while maintaining a high level of entertainment. And we do it on a shoestring budget. It’s a challenge that I love taking on.

But it feels a little strange.

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  1. Not related, but any news on Static Cling? I saw your Facebook post about “praying Nick hasn’t abandoned it.” You said to me last October that despite being frustrated about the delay & not being privy to all the behind the scenes stuff about it, that Nick probably won’t scuttle it. Seems you’ve changed your mind and you’re starting to get nervous. We all are to be honest.

    Chris Garbutt (the creator of Pinky Malinky) said that the delay of that show was due to Nick changing their programming strategy & not being the only show to suffer, plus the deal with the show going to Netflix taking some time to go through. That show not being the only show to suffer as he said implies that this actually could be (at least partially) the reason for Static Cling’s delay, plus all the management changes. Speaking of Netflix, rumors of Static Cling going to Netflix have been floating around since last October when Nico Colaleo tweeted it was going to Netflix, then deleted it soon after. It was announced today that Rise of the TMNT and The Loud House are getting movies on Netflix. With Nick selling a few of their properties to Netflix, I’d place my bet Static Cling going to Netflix now.

    I really do hope Nick doesn’t screw the special over. Be sure to let us know when there’s news regarding the special that you can say to the public! We’re all as frustrated as you are, Joe. Whether the special goes to Netflix, or airs on Nickelodeon, or heck, whether it airs on Nicktoons (a satellite channel) at 2 AM in the morning 3 years from now, I just want it to air period. I’m sorry about any nervousness or frustration you’re feeling, Joe. We all feel your pain and we just want things to go well, both for you, and for the special.

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved! The first 10 episodes and special were so fun! A perfect balance of educational and silliness. The voice acting, character designs and backgrounds are stellar!

    Also cool to see fellow Nickelodeon alum Peter Hannan wrote on a few episodes.

  3. nice work! you know if you’re comfortable, it could be a great way for aspiring writers to hear what the problems are with the only 2 episodes you produced of any television show you arent proud of. I think you said one is Rocko and one is Lazlo. Constructive criticism is a great way for other people to learn and improve their craft, and although theres a ton of great media reviewers on the internet it’d be amazing to hear a creators thoughts on his own short comings!

  4. Congrats Joe! Well deserved.

    I did not know about the show until today and after taking a look…I love the gentle humor of the show! Perfect for PBS, parents and kids.

    Brian Dunaway

  5. I just saw “let’s go luna” and thought to myself that some of the characters looked like Mr and Mrs Bighead (?) But it all makes sense now! Haha! Glad you’re still creating 🙂

  6. My daughter and I love Let’s Go Luna!We watch every morning together!Its educational,cute little songs she dances to and because I grew up on Rocko’s Modern Life and my little brother always watched Camp Lazlo it just feels right seeing another creation of yours in my home.Great work!!!

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