We Will Miss You Keith!

Sometimes you get a chance to really watch creativity blossom in someone. I’ve had the good fortune of watching it a few times. On Luna, Keith Silva came to us interviewing as a production assistant. But on Luna, that also entails editing animatics, doing revisions and such. ( and in Keith’s case, our office tech support). Keith had also grown into the main spirit of the office, always entering contests in the building ( and winning pizza lunches!) He showed real persistence and the enthusiasm to learn. When an opening came up for a storyboard person, I encouraged Keith to test for it, and he earned the position. For many memorable episodes he worked hard at going the extra mile. Then, when his director left, I moved him up to director, then when the supervising director left, I moved him up into that position. He excelled where ever he went. Then, of course he was offered a great position of director at Nickelodeon ( all of the exits on Luna went on to bigger and better things, ( Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Netflix )which I am very happy about).

Friday was Keith’s last day, and he sent me this picture of him and I going over the animatic for the opening titles. I always enjoyed working with Keith.

We will miss him and I know he will go on to a brilliant career!

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  1. Watching Keith hone his skills in such a short time has been awesome! He showed me some of the recent Luna boards and I was blown away. Looking forward to seeing what he goes on to do with his talent.

  2. Tom, You were another one I was able to watch grow, from an intern, to working at other studios , on the Rocko Special at Nick to directing on Luna. You are amazing. Now you are a big wig! And I will always respect you, your talent and your hard work.-Joe

  3. i saw him on the editorials ill miss him too hope he will do well with his new job and everything else

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