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To any of you who follow this journal, I’m splitting off a personal version of my site to chronicle my journey as a creative human on this planet. It may be about the animation business, or just something personal I’m feeling. I will be also sharing some insight into finding more of your own creativity, and any advice I can offer. But I wanted to split that off from the business of Joe Murray Studio and Garden Box entertainment which is its own separate tool for the purpose of commerce and offering quality content and storytelling services.

So if you log into and it looks really splashy with lots of fun animation graphics but you can’t find a blog go to I would love to have you join me.

4 Responses

  1. I’ll just have to check both!

    This was the post I was waiting for.
    I was all about you reopening the Journal tab, but I was afraid it was some temporary website testing until you decided to remove it again.

    Also, I’m loving the posting frequency. I’ll be out there, reading you from the shadows. Drinking my coffee.

  2. I just recently began reading your blog posts regularly and I’m very exited for all your future updates and insight! Also, splitting the sites up actually seems like it would make navigation a lot easier so I’m all up for the switch. Can’t wait to join you on the new domain! 🙂

  3. thanks 4 telling me got to check that out hopefully youll be posting here more and hope to hear from you more often

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