What is Our Imagination For?

As you may have guessed, my imagination runs amuck.

Sometimes I’ve used my imagination to create worlds to entertain, and characters with exaggerated personality disorders to laugh at. Rocko really was his exaggerated life while coming of age. Some say Rocko was a bit of a victim. I tried to have Rocko also be a fighter. But I realized while I was producing Rocko, I did a lot of fighting for what I thought was right. It just showed how my imagination worked outside of entertainment.

Although I don’t have much use for the past,”I” have, at times, created worlds and personalities that caused me stress, but didn’t really exist. (They are going to lock me up now). I used to feel threatened by this world of form, by others who I projected evil motivations to. Conspiracies against me. ( it could be that guy on the freeway) Many projections of what the future might hold that I start preparing for, stressing on, never happened. Some called me a “loose cannon”. Because threatened animals tend to lash out. ( I recently tried to pick up a scared kitten to take to the vet,, and still have scratch marks to prove it.) Fear causes attack. Our kitten feared for her life. She didn’t know I was taking her to the vet for her health. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. The US military strategy is based on fear. We usually have fear we won’t have enough money. Won’t have a good job. Won’t have the right relationship. Was what I said yesterday a big mistake? Will I make a big mistake tomorrow?

Our fear of what might come next is huge. Our imagination makes up all sorts of horror that could happen.

Luckily I’ve been able to tame the craziness while still remaining creative.

Negative projection of the future causes anxiety. Guilt over the past causes anxiety. I try to live by the old adage “If one leg is in yesterday and one is in tomorrow, then you are pissing on today.”

Really all of our stress and anxiety live in our minds. And we can choose what we use that mind for. At the service of positive doing ( creativity, art?) or negative projecting or judging.

Although I really don’t follow Deepak Chopra, I found this quote of his to be pretty on target. I related with it.

Live for right now. It’s not the past or the future. It’s a pretty cool moment.

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  1. I get that a lot. When I’m listening to music or often processing fantasies at different times, they sometime provide me stress of what would happen. That’s my fear of prediction of might or could happen. What’s your fear of imagination?

  2. I always felt like my anxieties were big blocks of worries piled one on top of the other and as I was solving those problems the blocks would go away, and when I look back to it I wonder what was worrying me so much if everything turned out fine in the end…

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